Olives & grissini (V) 45

Spiced & salted almonds (V) 20

Boiled eggs & anchovies 20

Duck liver pate with toast and cranberry 45

Raw, Marinated, Smoked

Local oysters with shallot vinaigrette 30each

Cured Tuna with shaved fennel, pomegranate, mint, chilli and tangerine juice 50

Smoked salmon & its caviar, horseradish & nasturtium, Farine rye bread 70

Carpaccio of raw beef with spicy dressing, rocket and radicchio 90

Sandwiches and Toasted Panini

Smoked salmon, cream cheese, red onion, rocket & caper sourdough sandwich 60

Cheese toasty, four different cheeses and mustard, grilled on sourdough topped with a pickle 50

Grilled vegetable Panini with peppers, eggplant and zucchini and tomato (V) 50

Pesto, sundried tomato and goats cheese Panini (V) 50

Smoked tuna, sundried tomato and rocket Panini 55

Smoked turkey, provolone cheese and cranberry Panini 60

Mortadella, mozzarella and hot mustard Panini 45

Reuben sandwich on rye with corned beef, Russian dressing, sauerkraut & pickles 65


Vegetable antipasti of grilled, pickled & roasted vegetables (V) 40


Tomato, local bocconcini and basil salad with extra virgin olive oil (V) 50

Rocket and Parmesan (V) 30

Salumi and cured meats

Your selection of individual salumi or cured meats with Farine bread and condiment 25g 30

Please see our daily list of ‘salumi’

Local Balinese and Indonesian Artisan Salami and Cured Meat Sampler Plate 120

5 varieties, with condiments


Your selection of individual cheese with Farine bread and condiment 25g 30

Please see our daily list of cheese

Local Balinese and Indonesian Artisan Cheese Sampler Plate 120

5 varieties, with condiments

For those who want a bit of everything we recommend

Large Sampler Plate of Artisan Salami, Cured Meats, Cheese and Antipasti 250

10 varieties of salami and cheese with Farine bread condiments & vegetable antipasti


Tiramisu 50

Panna cotta & Bedugul strawberry compote 40

Gelato Secrets gelato e sorbetto per scoop 20

Please ask your waiter for the selection


(V) Denotes vegetarian

All prices are in thousand rupiah and are subject to 10% government tax and 6% service